What Is PomoPetto?

PomoPetto is a productivity mobile app fused with a pet care game meant for people who are neurodivergent and/or physically disabled. It utilizes and modifies the popular Pomodoro Method in order to successfully aid its audience into molding their productivity around their life instead of their life around productivity.

An Inaccessible World

Productivity and scheduling resources are severely lacking for those of us that are neurodivergent with ADHD and Autism, and physical disabilities like wheelchair users and conditions like Chronic Fatigue. Using standard apps are almost impossible as we feel we are constantly in a race to perform as though we don't have disabilities, and the guilt we feel when we fail adds onto our low self-esteem.

Rethinking Design Through Accessibility

PomoPetto solves the problems that prevent disabled folks like us by ensuring accessibility in all parts of its design. Through user research, it's been designed to include multiple customization features to support the needs of many:

Extensive customizable sound packs, volume, color themes and font choice for the audio and visual sensitive.Reminders for bathroom breaks, meals and medications for those easily hyperfocused during work periods.Customizable time frames for work and breaks.Customized care tips based on the disabilities provided.An incentivized sleep feature to regulate sleeping patterns and aid with sleeplessness.No toxic positivity. All encouragement interactions are curated to your mood and do not force you to engage in a mood you aren't ready for.An integrated pet care system for those who feel more motivated by being able to take care of something through their direct actions.The removal of advertisements and microtransactions to prevent a break in focus or competition between users.A friend system to connect the community together.Protection through no ability to connect to social media or any third-party partners that risk your identity and data.

Thus far, PomoPetto has received positive feedback as it continues being developed. Maintaining a consistent focus on what the community needs as a whole is always in the front of my mind as I work on this project.

The full case study is currently in progress as I continue to process user research and feedback. I hope you'll stay tuned!