All prices are in USD


Icon: $25
Full Character: $75+ USD


Icon: $50
Full Character: $150+ USD


Icon: $75
Full Character: $225+ USD

art commissions
terms of service

By paying an invoice, you are agreeing to the terms listed here.

- I need an email or a social media/site account of some kind to keep in contact with you.
- Make sure your idea is the most recent update version.
- If I don't see it with the references, you won't see it on the commission.
- If the commission is meant to be the main reference for other art, give me plenty of image/inspiration references.
- I would rather have 300 reference pictures than anything less than 5.
- I got ADHD.
- If you aren't ready to wait a month or more for art, don't commission me.
- Illustration is a hehe-haha hobby. I work on these when I want to.
- I'll ask for an approval on the sketch and on the final piece.
- Some elements can be edited depending on what and why it needs to be changed, otherwise...
- No changes of any kind will be made on the final piece after approval.
- An invoice will be sent with these terms and any customized agreements made when we chatted.
- Invoices do not need to be paid until I am ready to begin work.
- 100% of the payment is required upfront.
- There are NO refunds after the final piece is approved.
- If you and friends are funding a commission together and shit goes down in your personal lives that results in ya'll breaking up and hating each other, there is no refund.
- By paying an invoice, you are agreeing to the terms listed here.
- You can use the work however you please in a non-commercial format. Aka, you can't sell it on shirts and shit without negotiating on a contract with me.
- The art itself belongs to me. No source files will be given out without a contract regarding its usage outside of my hard drive.
- I reserve the right to do as I please with the art, mainly to use in my portfolio and as promotional material.
- As far as I'm concerned, you've received the permission for me to draw characters that weren't created by you. If you didn't? That's a you problem.

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