Roderick 'Rattlecat' Kerrigan

"all dogs can learn new tricks!"


These are base prices.
Contact for a full quote.


Icon - $35
Full Character - $65+
Additional Characters - $35
Background - $45+


Icon - $55
Full character - $75+
Additional characters - $55
Background - $65+


Icon - $75
Full character - $95+
Additional characters - $75
Background - $85+

terms of service

customer responsibilities

Please ensure you have an active email or social media account I can contact you with.Ensure any references or material you provide to me are as accurate as possible. I am not responsible for forgotten details due to incorrect or incomplete reference information.

turnaround time

Due to my lifestyle, I work on these as an 'I see fit' basis, so patience is a must.My illustration work takes a backseat to my design work. Please refrain from commissioning art from me if you're not willing to wait.

joint commissions

ALL buyers contributing to a joint commission agree to the type of commission and its details..


Accelerated Commissions - No approval. Full artistic freedom. 5 free minor edits allowed on finished piece.Other Commissions - Approval at sketch and final stages. 2 free minor and 2 free major edits allowed on finished piece.


100% of the payment is required up front. 50% of this payment is non-refundable. This covers any work hours I complete, regardless of if you are unhappy with the final product.Joint commissions will only be refunded to the owner who received the original invoice.If a joint commission has multiple buyers, thus multiple invoices, there is no refund whatsoever should issues arise between buyers.There is no refund for completed and approved commissions.Revisions begin at $8 per, and may increase depending on the size of the revision needed.

permissions & rights

You agree that you have obtained sufficient permissions from the rightful owners of characters.I am not responsible for any incident if permissions are not granted.You are allowed to use the artwork in a non-commercial format for your content unless otherwise agreed upon in contract.

Clip Studio Brushes

access over 4,000 custom brushes created by my wife!
visit her twitter to request special brushes for free!

Re-Designing the Mobile Experience

A Productivity Pal for the Neurodivergent

Interested in hiring me for your next web or mobile project?
Hit me up via email at [email protected]!

Hype Train Tickets

Want to help me support my favorite streamers?
All funds received from these commissions go immediately to my streamers in the form of Gift Subs.
You've got two awesome payment options!

Option 1: Direct

You can pay me directly via invoice,
and all funds will go to one of the
Grifters during their next stream.

Option 2: Receipt

Show me a screenshot of your Twitch username
gifting subs to one of the following Grifters:
@SeigiVA - @GetGianni - @TaschDraws
Then a commission is yours!

Commission Options

Single Character

Full Body
Single Character

Single Character